Los mercadillos más pintorescos de Madrid donde hacerte las mejores fotos para tu Instagram

The most picturesque markets in Madrid where you can take the best photos for your Instagram

Are you bored always taking photos in the same spaces? We bring you the solution! The markets are the star of our laziest Sundays in the city and they are also found in very cool spaces where you can take the most fun photos. You don't want to be the only one in your group of friends who hasn't visited any, right? If you live in Madrid or are going to escape to the city soon, don't miss this post. We show you the coolest markets in the capital where you will want to stay and live!

Flea markets, like vintage or second-hand stores, have become our best allies. In them we find special pieces that have exciting stories behind them. You can get a jacket from the 50s, a dresser for your new house or an old edition of your favorite book. It is a very good option to take a pleasant walk among memories and also capture it in photographs that will always take you back to that moment. The pandemic will not stop you if you respect the health measures proposed by each establishment. There are no excuses to visit markets!

As we already know, many commercial sectors have suffered the hard blows of the health crisis, and the same has happened with markets. They have been closed for a long time until their operation has been completely safe for their visitors. Now that its activity has gradually resumed and its capacity has been limited, it is time to return to the streets and give life to the businesses that need it most. Responsibility is a fundamental premise in these times, and it is also the only one capable of keeping these events afloat. Culture and leisure are safe if we demonstrate it.

In addition to being an entertaining plan to spend the afternoon with friends, family or alone, it is an excellent idea to contribute to the environment by reusing objects that another person no longer needs. You can also take things you already use to give them a second life! Recycling and sustainability are two fundamental factors that must be taken into account today. And if in addition to helping the planet you can take a beautiful souvenir home and photograph it for your networks, what more could you ask for?

 If you are still not aware of which are the most charming markets in Madrid, here is a small guide to start visiting them every weekend!

Motor Market at the Railway Museum

Mercado de Motores . Los mercadillos más pintorescos de Madrid

The motor market is one of the most special in Madrid. It is located in the old Delicias railway station and is held on the second weekend of each month. There you can find a multitude of objects; jewelry, clothing, decoration, books and antiques. Apart from the market itself, the museum carries out a long list of activities aimed at all types of audiences throughout the year, such as concerts and art exhibitions. It is quite an adventure to walk through the market. In addition to melting your credit card, you will also find foodtrucks with a good gastronomic offer and a terrace where you can recharge your batteries. In addition, there is a small magazine stand where you can choose the ones that interest you the most and take them home for free. You will find Tapas magazine, Forbes or L'Officiel, among others.

This space becomes a gold mine for your Instagram! Its original architecture creates a special atmosphere worthy of photographing. You can take a selfie with the old train cars in the background. These are the best corners of the market to give free rein to your imagination. Trust me, everyone will want to know where you are! Sharing these types of locations in your stories and feed will help the market and small businesses be recognized by many more people and will make you connect with your followers and friends in a better way. close. The market is free and you can visit it on Saturdays from 11am.00 to 22.00 and Sundays at 11.00 to 21.00

So now you know, if you don't have a plan for next weekend and you want to take a day for yourself to escape from the stress of routine and save a nice memory on your social networks, the motor market is a good alternative to discover handmade objects that will steal your heart.

Frog Market in the Literary Quarter

Mercado de las Ranas - Mercadillos más pintorescos de Madrid

The Mercado de las Ranas, or also known as the Frog’s Market, is a market held on the first Saturday of each month in the famous Barrio de las Letras in Madrid. You can visit it from 12 to 6 p.m.00 for free. The idea of ​​the market is to exalt the cultural, commercial and gastronomic activity of the neighborhood in order to get people to know its values, its people and its commercial offer. Grab your mask and keep a safe distance and enjoy the most iconic streets of Lope de Vega's Madrid.

The Literary neighborhood is the cultural area of ​​Madrid par excellence, but it is also home to picturesque clothing and accessory stores where you can get those special garments that will always be the protagonists of your looks. If you also want to be that girl who gets stopped on the street to find out where her shoes are from, you now know where to go shopping! It's a good way to boost your Instagram account by posting your latest purchases from the chicest stores in the neighborhood in your stories. In addition, you will enjoy discounts and promotions that will make your visit to the market even more irresistible.

During the market celebration, the most typical bars and restaurants in the area take out snacks on the streets of the neighborhood to attract the most timid public. Food is always a good reason to visit the area and it is also the favorite of influencers to make us salivate with their posts… right?

As we already know, Huertas street is one of the most emblematic streets in Madrid due to its literary history. Therefore, don't forget to document the experience through stories and you will be the most interesting girl on your Instagram!

The Rastro of Madrid

El rastro - Los mercadillos mas Pintorescos de Madrid

It is clear that we could not fail to mention the most famous market in the city in a list like this. As we all know, the Rastro de Madrid is the busiest market in the city and probably also the best known in Spain. Its history makes it, in addition to being a space for buying and selling second-hand products, a form of expression that fills Madrid with life.

El Rastro takes place every Sunday and holidays of the year from 9.00 to 15.00 and is located in the La Latina neighborhood, its most emblematic street being Cuesta de Ribera de Curtidores. It is known that it has existed since 1740 and was born as a way of exchanging objects and products of the time. Its success has been so great that today even the most influencers in the country take advantage of their trips to the capital to stroll through its stalls in search of the star earrings or the vintage bag. the season.

In its origins, its merchants also sold food at their stalls, but now they limit themselves to offering second-hand relics that usually have an emotional story behind them. The atmosphere that is breathed in the Rastro is a moving experience and you cannot miss visiting it if you are passing through the city. It is unique and inspiring and although it may seem stressful, it is worth enjoying and taking a symbolic piece home! In addition, sharing with your followers that star vase that you have placed in your living room will be another incentive to capture their attention. Its most emblematic objects are leather and leather goods, since in its beginnings the neighborhood offered the largest sample of these products to the rest of the city.

Like many other sectors, the Rastro has been forced to modify its usual rhythm due to the pandemic. The capacity is reduced to 50% and compliance is controlled by the Municipal Police, as is the use of the mask. Despite the health limitations, going to the Rastro is still an experience, and you will even have more space to observe every corner of it without receiving elbows from other visitors!

Your social networks are full of images of the Rastro every weekend, right? Visit the market and rethink the editing of your publications to break the rules and be the most innovative among your followers. Maybe it's time to boost your Instagram account and give it a different life. You will not lack charming places to photograph if you walk through the streets of El Rastro!

Molly Market

Molly Market- Los mercadillos más pintorescos de Madrid

Molly Market is a market that gives space to the most unique hipster and independent creators in the city. It is held at Calle Hortaleza 63 in Madrid and is very close to the Tribunal metro. It takes place during the first weekends of each season but the dates may vary depending on the year, and even more so during the pandemic. Admission is free and they open at 11.00 to 22.00 on Saturdays and 11.00 to 21.30 on Sundays. The established health measures are the same as in previous markets: limited capacity, paused activities and mandatory mask.

It is a project that inspires new artisan creators to make themselves known through the market. In addition to offering jewelry, paintings, accessories, clothing and other items, they also offer workshops and activities in which craftsmanship is the main protagonist. It is a very good idea to go as a family and appreciate the magic and distinction of handmade products. The proposal is interesting and has already been running for 16 editions. The workshop is located in the Official College of Architects.

Do you want to succeed on your next date and shine brighter than ever with something special? Take advantage of the opportunity and visit this market, you won't regret it! All of their pieces are crafted with determination and love and are also unique. Only you will have that steel ring with a quartz stone!

Something that cannot be missing in a market of this style, which is also full of exhausting activities, is food. In the midst of their works of art you can find the most curious gastronomic stalls that offer a wide variety of options that, like their products, are truly creative: ice creams with fun shapes, crepes filled with the most healthy vegetables, exotic fruit smoothies. They are perfect to make those with a sweet tooth envy on your social networks. Don't forget to grab your Polaroid camera to capture the most beautiful moments of your afternoon and publish them if you feel like it.

They also offer live music from alternative singers and groups that fit perfectly with the atmosphere sought in the market and will also be very desirable content for your social networks. If you like music, tag the singers and if your posts are attractive, they may contact you.

If you don't want to miss the opportunity to spend a very interesting Saturday and get inspired for your own projects, the Molly Market awaits you!

Flea markets are the order of the day! In them you will find unique and special pieces with truly exciting stories behind them that will become your best allies in important moments. What are you waiting for to visit them?