Gafas de sol XXL a lo Victoria Beckham y Marta Lozano

XXL sunglasses a la Victoria Beckham and Marta Lozano

The weakness that some influencers and celebrities feel for XXL size sunglasses is known. From Hanukeii we want to give you a little push to dare with some of them.

We are talking to you about Victoria Beckham, born on April 17, 1974 in Harlow (England). Successful businesswoman, fashion designer and singer nicknamed posh spice girl, she became the wife of former soccer player David Beckham on July 4, 1999, with whom she has had 4 children.

Victoria Beckham gafas de sol XXL Hanukeii

In addition to having won a “British fashion award” in 2011 for her work as a fashion designer for her own brand DVB (David Victoria Beckham), which mainly makes handmade jeans, shorts and accessories, she sells them successfully among famous actresses or artists such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Madona or Jennifer López.So his firm grows exponentially every year.

It may be related to her achievements or because she is a precursor of her style, but Victoria has set the trend with her haircuts, her stylish looks and wearing her sunglasses that she usually chooses in size XXL .

Although in winter the sun does not shine as brightly, we can apply Victoria's fashion advice and transfer it to our wardrobe, choosing a sunglasses that is trendy like our sunglasses collection Laguna; Cat eye cut in colors such as Bi - magenta or tortoise or the Pacific in Marble/Burgundy or Tortoise/Black, which help contrast with the classic style. t4> or sport and provide fun on the less bright days of autumn and winter that are coming.

We are also struck by the style of Marta Lozano Pascual, born in Valencia on July 26, 1995. She is a renowned model and influencer in our country, who has almost a million followers on Instagram.

Marta Lozano Gafas de sol XXL Hanukeii

she started when she was 18, opening her account while she was studying law, a career that she had to put on hold when brands began to request it, first the small ones and then the big ones. Marta is also a businesswoman, she has developed a beauty routine with cosmetic skin care products.

We like his daring and unconventional style, because he doesn't follow the rules strictly. She can afford it, since she is up to date in fashion, she does not miss a fashion week and dazzles with her appearances on the red carpets of festivals such as Cannes, in which she has already made three appearances. From what they say, she loves to feel supported by the brand teams that give her visibility year after year.

she We love that cheeky touch that the choice of her sunglasses brings to her looks, always with peculiar shapes that distinguish her, complement her and highlight her spontaneous character.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Victoria Beckham study?

she studied dance and modeling at the Laine Theater Arts College which she completed at the age of 17. Victoria Adams was a member of the group Persuasion and then of the Spice Girls which was originally called Touch.

2. Where did Victoria and David Beckham get married?

The couple celebrated their marriage at The Golf Course at Lutrellstown Castle Resort in Dublin, Ireland. A luxurious, very well preserved and decorated Castle with a golf course dating back to the year 1500.

3. Why did Victoria Beckham start wearing sunglasses?

Actually her initial use of the XXL size sunglasses was so as not to show how tired she was when she didn't get enough sleep at night, like any mother who has small children.

4. Where does Marta Lozano currently live?

    Marta and her partner have moved to a central 155 square meter apartment in Valencia.

    5. What is the name of Marta Lozano's company?

    Spanish influencer Marta Lozano's company is called 'The Glowfilter' and it is a line of skin care cosmetics. Creating a simple and effective skin care routine through its products.

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