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We are what we live and we live what we are. Hanukeii is somewhat difficult to explain but easy to understand if you feel it. It is an indescribable feeling that makes you sigh at that exact moment, when you are finally aware that your worries are behind you and you begin to feel happy enjoying a good time.

Do you remember that emotion that do you have every time you experience something for the first time?

Like when, after a long trip, you roll down the car window and let the air in, lean on the edge of the window and begin to perceive the smell of salt, that smell of the sea that fills us with joy and hope. It is the sea welcoming you, announcing that you are getting closer to meeting it.

Or that unique moment, when you approach the shore of the beach, you are barefoot and you feel how the soft sand, which begins to cover your feet, slips through your toes every time the sea comes for it, cleaning your feet again and again, so that you are lighter, and you realize that your daily life will be, for now, on pause.

It's that sensation that the sea breeze gives you, that moving between the leaves of the palms, combs your hair, creating new strokes in it as it goes, and that in turn it caresses your face, encouraging you to immerse yourself in the water and experience life, which is a precise moment, that's Hanukeii.


Hanukeii is tranquility

Hanukeii is the orange color of sunset reflected on a calm sea. It is also the peace you feel when looking at it from the beach.

Hanukeii is the silence altered by the waves crashing next to you.

Hanukeii is the essence of “dolce far niente”, It is the pleasure of doing nothing. It is to observe how the sun, moving slowly, reaches its highest point in the sky, and how later, in the same way that it has risen, it goes down again.

When simplicity becomes something perfect, when the rush, the excesses and the tension seem to belong to a parallel reality. That's Hanukeii.

It's the walk home at night, sensing the sea in the background discreetly illuminated by the moon. Hanukeii is the feeling of waking up knowing there is time. To have breakfast, to run along the shore, to sleep a little longer.

It's the siesta on the beach under the umbrella after getting out of the water, it's the white line of the bikini next to the tan of the skin; Hanukeii is the sincere, pleasant and calm talks in the afternoon.

Hanukeii is, after all, what is most sought after: Hanukeii is a moment of tranquility.


Hanukeii is the break with the routine.

It is that moment in which the asphalt turns into sand, the cars into boats, the bag into a surfboard and the heels into sandals.
It is the moment before boarding the plane, it is the journey on the train, it is looking at the road through the car window while you imagine the moment of seeing the sea, somewhat blurred by the distance, in the horizon. It is the feeling of excitement when you know that there is little left to arrive. It's the hair standing on end from the humidity. It is reality when it exceeds expectations.

Hanukeii is the time that disappears. They are the hours evaporating and the clock forgotten in a drawer. Hanukeii is having all the time in the world, it's owning every minute, every moment and taking advantage of it in a calm environment.

It's not wanting the day to end, making a thousand plans, it's just that you don't matter what time you go to sleep. Hanukeii is being able not to sleep to see the sunrise.

Hanukeii is also the bittersweet memory of the beach, the sun and the sand that continues to appear from time to time between the shoes, even a few weeks after having back home.



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